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Early Editions — with dates of posting


Jacks and Jills: Alternative life history phenotypes and skewed sex ratio in anadromous threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).
Jennifer L. Rollins, Paul Chiang, Jason N. Waite, Frank A. von Hippel & Michael A. Bell (jennifer.rollins@stonybrook.edu)


Body streamlining is related to higher growth rates in Bahamian mosquitofish.
M. S. Araújo, C. A. Layman & R. B. Langerhans (msaraujo@rc.unesp.br)


Weaver ants shift nest locations in response to habitat disturbance and torrential rain as selective pressures in Sri Lanka.
Leonard A. Freed & Dulan R. Vidanapathirana (lfreed@hawaii.edu)


Experimental assessment of winter conditions on turtle nesting behavior.
Timothy S. Mitchell, Jeanine M. Refsnider, Arun Sethuraman, Daniel A. Warner & Fredric. J. Janzen (tsm0024@auburn.edu)


Evolution of density-dependent wing polymorphism in insects.
Takahiro Kamioka & Yoh Iwasa (yohiwasa@kyudai.jp)


The evolution of correlations between behavioral and morphological defense in Alaskan threespine stickleback fish (Gasterosteus aculeatus): Evidence for trait compensation and cospecialization.
Craig A. Marshall & Matthew A. Wund (cam13@colostate.edu)


Dynamic thermal reaction norms and body size oscillations challenge explanations of the temperature-size rule.
John P. DeLong, Chad E. Brassil, Emma K. Erickson, Valery E. Forbes, Etsuko N. Moriyama & Wayne R. Riekhof (jpdelong@unl.edu)


The effect of food availability on phenotypic plasticity and phenotypic integration in the hylid frog Hypsiboas pulchellus.
Magdalena Carabio, Gabriel Perazza, Fernando Larrañaga & Daniel E. Naya (dnaya@fcien.edu.uy)


Bovid locomotor functional trait distributions reflect land cover and annual precipitation in sub-Saharan Africa.
W. Andrew Barr (wabarr@email.gwu.edu)


Exploring hypotheses for sexual size dimorphism in frigatebirds.
Sarah A. Trefry & Antony W. Diamond (sarah.trefry@gmail.com)


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