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Wasp spider, Argiope bruennichi
The male is much smaller than the female
Usually, females cannibalize their mates after copulation.

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Volume 17, January 2016

Temperature variability and thermal performance in ectotherms: acclimation, behaviour, and experimental considerations.
Francisco Bozinovic, Pablo Sabat, Enrico L. Rezende & Mauricio Canals — 2016(1) (
Keywords: acclimation, global warming, performance variance, thermal variability.

Patterns of trophic resource use and individual specialization in two species of darters (Etheostoma: Percidae).
Garrett W. Hopper & Michael Tobler — 2016(1) (
Keywords: diet variation, environmental variation, Etheostoma flabellare, Etheostoma spectabile, individual specialization, trophic ecology.

Micro-eukaryotic diversity in the surface layer of sediments from the East China Sea.
Ran Jiang, Jian-Xin Wang, Kai-Cheng Yu, Ming-Hua Liu, Ge Shi & Liu Xue-Zhu — 2016(1) (
Keywords: marine sediment, micro-eukaryotic, RDA, 18S rRNA.

From the bare minimum: genetics and selection in populations founded by only a few parents.
Jacques Labonne, Renaud Kaeuffer, François Guéraud, Mingsha Zhou, Aurélie Manicki & Andrew P. Hendry — 2016(1) (
Keywords: genetic variation, heterozygosity, inbreeding, invasion, small population.

Environmental integration: patterns of correlation between environmental factors, early life decisions, and their long-term consequences.
Who-Seung Lee, Marc Mangel & Pedro Peres-Neto — 2016(1) (
Keywords: climate change, developmental phenotype, dynamic state model, growth, life history, reproduction.

Why do mosses have height? Moss production as a tragedy of the commons game.
Gordon G. McNickle, Cory Wallace & Jennifer L. Baltzer — 2016(1) (
Keywords: evolutionarily stable strategy, evolutionary game theory, moss, peatlands, tragedy of the commons.

The world seen from low and small places (a video pairing).
Yoshitaka Oishi, Shinshu University

Fine-scale life-history structure in a highly mobile marine fish.
Nancy E. Roney, Jeffrey A. Hutchings, Esben Moland Olsen, Halvor Knutsen, Jon Albretsen & Anna Kuparinen — 2016(1) (
Keywords: Gadus morhua, life history, maturity, Skagerrak, small-scale.

Fine-scale spatial genetic structure suggests modest risk of inbreeding in natural populations of Argiope bruennichi.
Stefanie M. Zimmer & Jutta M. Schneider — 2016(1) (
Keywords: dispersal, genetic population structure, inbreeding depression, mating strategy, microsatellite, polyandry.