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Common goldfish, Carassius auratus

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Volume 16, January 2014

Distinct snail (Physa) morphotypes from different habitats converge in shell shape and size under common garden conditions.
Kyle D. Gustafson, Bart J. Kensinger, Matthew G. Bolek & Barney Luttbeg — 2014(1) (
Keywords: geometric morphometrics, morphology, phenotypic plasticity, predation, water flow.

A predator-prey behavioural game: how does number of food patches influence foraging tactics?
Merav W. Katz, Zvika Abramsky, Burt P Kotler, Inbar Roth, Ofir Altestein & Michael L. Rosenzweig — 2014(1) (
Keywords: predator-prey behavioural games, optimal foraging, food patches, risk of predation, fear management.

Can foraging behaviour reveal the eco-evolutionary dynamics of habitat selection?
Douglas W. Morris — 2014(1) (
Keywords: adaptive landscape, evolutionarily stable strategy, fitness, foraging behaviour, habitat selection, harvest rate, meadow vole, patch residence time.

Bird-mediated selection on fruit display traits in Celtis ehrenbergiana (Cannabaceae).
Facundo Xavier Palacio, Mariela Lacoretz & Mariano Ordano — 2014(1) (
Keywords: co-evolution, maternal and offspring levels, mutualism, natural selection, phenotypic selection, plant-animal interactions, seed dispersal, selection gradients.

Sexual size dimorphism and the relationship between timing of breeding and size-assortative mating in a monogamous, marsh-nesting bird.
David A. Shealer — 2014(1) (
Keywords: assortative pairing, black tern, Chlidonias niger, mate choice, mate retention, morphometry, sexual dimorphism.

Sexual size dimorphism and the strength of sexual selection in mammals and birds.
Carl D. Soulsbury, Matti Kervinen & Christophe Lebigre — 2014(1) (
Keywords: lekking, mating system, monogamy, opportunity for sexual selection, polyandry, polygyny, sexual dimorphism.

Are recommendations for conservation informed by estimates of genetic divergence?
Heather R. Taft & Derek A. Roff — 2014(1) (
Keywords: conservation genetics, FST, genetic divergence, management recommendation, neutral markers, population genetics.