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Midland painted turtle, Chrysemys picta marginata
Photo by Greg Schechter; some rights reserved (CC BY 2.0)

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Volume 16, July 2014

Gompertz mortality, natural selection, and the 'shape of ageing.'
Eric L. Charnov — 2014(5) (RLC@UNM.EDU)
Keywords: rate of living, maturation, fish, senescence, mortality rate

Relative contribution of evolutionary and ecological dynamics to body size and life-history changes of herring (Clupea harengus) in the Bothnian Sea.
Örjan Östman, Olle Karlsson, Jukka Pönni, Olavi Kaljuste, Teija Aho, Anna Gârdmark — 2014(5) (
Keywords: Baltic Sea, density dependence, fisheries, grey seal, pelagic, zooplankton

Incubation temperature in the wild influences hatchling phenotype of two freshwater turtle species.
Julia L. Riley, Steven Freedberg & Jacqueline D. Litzgus — 2014(5) (
Keywords: righting response, oviposition date, temperature-dependent sex determination, constant temperature equivalent, temperature-dependent differential fitness hypothesis, Charnov-Bull hypothesis, maternal condition-dependent choice hypothesis

Optimum resource allocation in the plant-fungus symbiosis for an exponentially growing system.
Kouki Uchinomiya & Yoh Iwasa — 2014(5) (
Keywords: allocation of resources, exponential growth, plant-fungus interaction

Morphological plasticity of native and non-native pumpkinseed sunfish in response to habitat type.
Stan Yavno & Michael G. Fox — 2014(5) (
Keywords: Centrarchidae, foraging, habitat, reaction norm, trophic polymorphism