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Long-tailed jaeger, Stercorarius longicaudus

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Volume 16, February 2014

Thermal tolerances in rodents: species that evolved in cold climates exhibit a wider thermoneutral zone.
Francisco Bozinovic, Francisco Ferri-Yáñez, Hugo Naya, Miguel B. Araújo & Daniel E. Naya — 2014(2) (
Keywords: macrophysiology, energetics, environmental temperature, global ecology, climate change, small mammals

Contrasting evolutionary and ecological management objectives in the context of sustainable harvesting.
Dunja Jusufovski & Anna Kuparinen — 2014(2) (
Keywords: age at maturation, European hake, fisheries-induced evolution, fishing, spawn-at-least-once

Maternal life history of white-tailed deer: factors affecting fetal sex allocation, conception timing, and senescence.
Gabriel R. Karns, A. M. Holland, T. D. Steury & S. S. Ditchkoff — 2014(2) (
Keywords: conception timing, fetal sex allocation, mammal reproduction, maternal investment in reproduction, Odocoileus virginianus, senescence, white-tailed deer

The limitations of inferring decision rule use from individuals' sampling behaviour: a computational test of old and new algorithms.
Bart J. Kensinger & Barney Luttbeg — 2014(2) (
Keywords: decision rules, mate choice, foraging

Does ion limitation select for pelvic reduction in threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)?
Jennifer L. Rollins, Brian K. Lohman & Michael A. Bell — 2014(2) (
Keywords: selection agent, growth rate, calcium limitation, ion concentration, salinity, trade-off

Coevolution of jaegers (Stercorarius spp.) and arctic lemmings (Dicrostonyx spp. and Lemmus spp.) and the formation of the jaeger guild: a hypothesis.
Lise Ruffino & Tarja Oksanen — 2014(2) (
Keywords: Arctic, lemming–vegetation dynamics, predation, predator–prey co-evolution, tundra

Seasonal adjustment of sex ratio and offspring masculinity by female deer mice is inconsistent with the local resource competition hypothesis.
Frances E.C. Stewart, Ronald J. Brooks & Andrew G. McAdam — 2014(2) (
Keywords: ano-genital distance, sex ratio manipulation, masculinity, Peromyscus, population density, Rodentia