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Gray wolf, Canis lupus
Photo by Gary Kramer — U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Volume 16, July 2014

Adapting to global change.
Jennifer A. Leonard — 2014(6) (
Introduction to a special collection edited by Jennifer Leonard & Michael Rosenzweig

Hybridization due to changing species distributions: adding problems or solutions to conservation of biodiversity during global change?
Adrian C Brennan, Guy Woodward, Ole Seehausen, Violeta Muñoz-Fuentes, Craig Moritz, Anis Guelmami, Richard J. Abbott & Pim Edelaar — 2014(6) (
Keywords: adaptive potential, biodiversity loss, conservation management, ecological network, global change, hybridization

Heat tolerance and its evolutionary potential along a latitudinal gradient in Daphnia magna.
Aurora N. Geerts, Luc De Meester & Robby Stoks — 2014(6) (
Keywords: CTmax, Daphnia magna, evolutionary potential, latitude, thermal adaptation

Ecology drives evolution in gray wolves.
Jennifer Leonard — 2014(6) (
Keywords: adaptation, Canis lupus, extinction, isolation by environment, phylogeography, population structure

Using native and invasive populations as surrogate 'species' to predict the potential for native and invasive populations to shift their range.
Jane Molofsky & Alexandra R. Collins — 2014(6) (
Keywords: genetic variance, invasive plants, Phalaris arundinacea, range margin

Influence of game restocking on the migratory behaviour of the common quail, Coturnix coturnix.
Ines Sanchez-Donoso, José Domingo Rodríguez-Teijeiro, Irene Quintanilla, Irene Jiménez-Blasco, Francesc Sardà-Palomera, Jesús Nadal, Manel Puigcerver & Carles Vilà — 2014(6) (
Keywords: human-mediated changes, hybridization, introgression, migration, sedentarization, wintering

Robustness of the spatial insurance effects of biodiversity to habitat loss.
Patrick L. Thompson, Bronwyn Rayfield & Andrew Gonzalez — 2014(6) (
Keywords: centrality, connectivity, dispersal, ecosystem function, environmental change, extinction, habitat fragmentation, metacommunity, network, stability

Developing the capacity to monitor climate change impacts in Mediterranean estuaries.
Susan L Ustin, Maria J. Santos, Erin L. Hestir, Shruti Khanna, Angeles Casas & Jonathan Greenberg — 2014(6) (
Keywords: canopy structure, hyperspectral remote sensing, imaging spectroscopy, mapping invasive and native aquatic plant species