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A chukar, Alectoris chukar,
stepping lightly from rock to rock.

From an image by Ron Dudley

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Volume 17, September 2016

Genetically based population divergence of Silene latifolia from two climate regions.
Amanda N. Brothers, Laura A. Weingartner & Lynda F. Delph — 2016(5) (
Keywords: climate, ecological divergence, ecotypes, phenotypic plasticity, sexual dimorphism

Predation and the formation of multicellular groups in algae.
Stefania E. Kapsetaki, Roberta M. Fisher & Stuart A. West — 2016(5) (
Keywords: Chlorophyceae, group formation, group size, induced defence, multicellularity

On strategies of plant behaviour: evolutionary games of habitat selection, defence, and foraging.
Douglas W. Morris, Per Lundberg & Joel S. Brown — 2016(5) (
Keywords: adaptive landscape, defence, evolutionarily stable strategies, evolutionary game theory, habitat selection, height in trees, nutrient foraging, Tragedy of the Commons

Propagule size and patterns of success in early introductions of chukar partridges (Alectoris chukar) to Nevada.
Michael P. Moulton & Wendell P. Cropper, Jr. — 2016(5) (
Keywords: Alectoris chukar, exotic birds, propagule pressure, species introductions

Influence of anthropogenic disturbance on the number and composition of plant species in sparsely populated areas: a case study of Udomlya district (Tver region, European Russia).
Polina A. Volkova, Liudmila A. Abramova, Maksim Yu. Grigoryan, Maria O. Ivanova, Elizaveta K. Sekretova & Nikita P. Tikhomirov — 2016(5) (
Keywords: plant species diversity, plant richness, invasive species, anthropogenic disturbance, non-native species, floristic composition, Udomlya district, Tver region, Russia

Bacterial diversity in the surface layer of sediments from the East China Sea.
Jian-Xin Wang, Shi Tao, Kai-Cheng Yu, Ran Jiang, Ming-Hua Liu, Xue-Zhu Liu & Yingping Fan — 2016(5) (
Keywords: bacterial diversity, marine sediment, nutrient concentrations, PCA, RDA, 16S rRNA.

Ultimate cause(s) of dwarfism in invertebrates: the case of driftwood talitrids.
David J.Wildish & Shawn M.C. Robinson — 2016(5) (D.J. Wildish:
Keywords: behavioural experiments, invertebrate dwarfism, Orchestia gammarellus, oxygen uptake, Platorchestia platensis

Division of labor by provisioners.
Ronald C. Ydenberg & Lia Hemerik — 2016(5) (
Keywords: central place foraging, collection of fuel vs. cargo resources, division of labour, provisioning, social evolution, teamwork