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Hardwicke's woolly bat, Kerivoula hardwickii, flies into a roost
inside the pitcher plant, Nepenthes hemsleyana.

Brunei. Photo by Merlin Tuttle.

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Volume 16, July 2014

Host-jumping, demographic stochasticity and extinction: lytic viruses.
Thomas Caraco, Ahmad Yousefi & Ing-Nang Wang — 2014(7) (
Keywords: burst-size variance, host-range expansion, lysis-time variation, viral extinction

Immune responses vary with parasite burden in an insular lizard.
Mario Garrido & Valentín Pérez-Mellado — 2014(7) (
Keywords: bacterial killing assay, haemogregarine, immune response, immunological strategies, insularity, parasitic infestation, resistance, tolerance

Cannibalistic growth polyphenism in Atlantic cod.
David C. Hardie & Jeffrey A. Hutchings — 2014(7) (
Keywords: alternative foraging tactics, Arctic Canada, Gadus morhua L., life history, natural mortality

Sex ratio shifts of the solitary parasitoid wasp, Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) to other foundresses.
Qian Li, Lei Xie, Wei Chen, Xin Fang, Feng-Fei Zhang & Hao-Yuan Hu — 2014(7) (
Keywords: behaviour, Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae, solitary parasitoid wasp, sex ratio, local mate competition

How a pitcher plant facilitates roosting of mutualistic woolly bats.
Yen Shan Lim, Caroline R. Schöner, Michael G. Schöner, Gerald Kerth, Daniel G. Thornham, Mathias Scharmann & T. Ulmar Grafe — 2014(7) (
Keywords: Borneo, carnivorous plants, Kerivoula hardwickii, mutualism, Nepenthes, roosting behaviour

Environment-dependent trade-offs and phenotypic plasticity in metamorphic timing.
Hirofumi Michimae, Ayumi Tezuka, Takeshi Emura & Osamu Kishida — 2014(7) (
Keywords: competing risk, Cox proportional hazards model, metamorphosis, survival analysis