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Hadzabe man
The Hadzabe of Tanzania are
one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes left in Africa.

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Volume 19 (2018)
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Volume 19, January 2018

Rugged fitness landscapes and by-product adaptation in experimental populations of Drosophila melanogaster interactions.
Devin Arbuthnott, Brian S. Mautz & Howard D. Rundle — 2018(1) (
Keywords: adaptation, ecological divergence, ethanol, mate competition.

Foraging efficiency in the face of predation risk: a comparative study of desert rodents.
Sara E. Emerson, Burt P. Kotler & Franklin Sargunaraj — 2018(1) (
Keywords: foraging efficiency, gerbil, giving-up density, heteromyid.

A stochastic density-dependent model of long-term population dynamics in hunter-gatherer populations.
Marcus J. Hamilton & Robert S. Walker — 2018(1) (
     (see Comment)
Keywords: fission-fusion, forager societies, metapopulation, population growth, stochastic processes.

Weak but parallel divergence between kōaro (Galaxias brevipinnis) from adjacent lake and stream habitats.
Travis Ingram & Stephanie M. Bennington — 2018(1) (
Keywords: diadromy, Galaxias brevipinnis, parapatric speciation, phenotypic change vector analysis, phenotypic plasticity.

Comment: Population homeostasis might be an evolved adaptation.
Joshua Mitteldorf — 2018(1) (
     (see Hamilton & Walker)

Site-specific plasticity and demography determine litter-size in a population of white-footed mice.
Douglas W. Morris — 2018(1) (
Keywords: fitness-mapping equation, habitat, litter size, Peromyscus, phenotypic plasticity, predation, reaction norm.

The coevolution of herbivore impact: field estimates of impact in older and newer gallmaker-Solidago interactions.
Zoryana Shibel, Stephen D. Hendrix & Stephen B. Heard — 2018(1) (
Keywords: co-evolution, gallmakers, herbivore impact, plant–insect interactions, Solidago.

Seed demographic comparisons reveal spatial and temporal niche differentiation between native and invasive species in a community of desert winter annual plants.
Yue M. Li & Peter Chesson — 2018(1) (
Keywords: Brassica tournefortii, desert winter annual plants, invasive species, niche differentiation, species co-existence, storage effect.